Apr 262015

Well I have been using PathPilot now for a while, and to sum it up, I love it. Torch has fixed all my issues and responded to all my emails very very promptly. The one and only issue I have, though it is not really a issue is when you are looking at the files on the PC/USB drive it is shown in large icon format. There needs to be a way to change it to show a details view. Other than that, I am very happy. I am currently using the production version 1.7.2 with no issues.

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Mar 262015

Well I have been using Tormach Path Pilot now a good bit. I have actually just finished running a 200 peice order and I had absolutely zero issues. I really love the Feedhold button that actually works. I am using v1.5 and noticed the should of the machine did change from v1.4, but everything ran great. I have heard that a newer revision may revert the stepper motor settings back to what they where in v1.4. A second thing that I will  mention is the ability to restart a program from a given line is so very simple, just select the line, right click the mouse, and choose start from here.  I am using my customer EMC post still and it works good except for tapping so far. I have not really had a chance to work on it any more to try to fix that. Overall, I am very pleased customer at this point.

Tormach has now released v1.6 so I will soon be upgrading and giving that a try as well. Great work Tormach!

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Mar 162015

Well I have had a little time to work with PathPilot now and so far I seem to like it. The one exception is trying to get a Post Processor that works 100% right. I am working modifying the HSMExpress EMC post. It works good so far, with the exception of tapping. When I get it closer to being right I will post it for other to use as they see fit.

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Mar 082015

I received my PathPilot upgrade kit Friday in the mail. I installed it Saturday evening and ran a couple test moves and saw no issues. I does sound a little different now. I did use a new hard drive so that I can go back to Mach 3 easily as i have a job I need to finish Sunday and I do not want to change up in the middle of this job. More updates coming soon.


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Feb 222015

Today I ordered my upgrade for my Tormach PCNC1100 machine controller to run PathPilot. I have read all the information I can find about it and watched there webinar and I am very impressed so far. I can’t wait to actually use it and see what is really like. I do not really have any issues with Mach 3 other than wishing the feedhole button worked. More to come…

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